About AFT Kenya

....ask for transport

AFT means Ask For Transport.

AFT Kenya is a convenient and free online platform that enables truck owners find short and long-term customers for their transport business anywhere in Kenya.

At AFT Kenya, our mission is to connect trucks available for short or long-term hire to loads. To cargo owners, AFT offers real-time access to a wide choice of trucks which one can search by location on the aft website.

The service is free to both truckers and cargo owners meaning you are not charged to either list or search for trucks on the website. 

For cargo owners, AFT eliminates the need to physically search for trucks for hire in a locality. All you need to do is log in to www.aft.co.ke from your phone or laptop and you'll find pickups for hire, trucks for hire, heavy construction machinery for hire, plus other commercial vehicles -all from the comfort of your home or office. 

Alternatively, you can post your goods on the website's "Ready Cargo" section and let truckers bid to transport your goods.

On the other hand, if you own trucks for hire in Kenya, AFT offers you a great platform to advertise your trucking business for free. This enables you to reach out to more customers in an area of your choice thus make more money from your truck. Post your trucks on AFT today and watch your trucking income grow to a new height.

Whether you need a truck or own a truck, AFT is your trucking partner.

Welcome to AFT and let's move things.